Middle Schools

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DINE provides interactive cooking-based nutrition education in middle schools throughout Durham County through the Junior Iron Chef Durham Program.

Junior Iron Chef Durham (JICD)

jr-iron-chefJICD is a nutrition and culinary program designed to improve the health of its participants and their families. Students meet with a Registered Dietitian for a series of workshops focused on increasing health and nutrition knowledge and participants' self-efficacy to prepare healthy meals at home. During the series, students learn about MyPlate and balanced nutrition before putting that knowledge to work in the kitchen. Students focus on culinary skills such as knife skills, measuring techniques, and following a recipe while making delicious healthy dishes. Students receive educational reinforcements to assist in preparing meals at home such as spatulas, oven mitts, chopping mats. and a cookbook of healthy recipes.


Interested in more information or receiving any of these services, contact:

Kamaria Mason, MPH, RD, LDN
(919) 560-8894