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DINE logo colorDINEDurham's Innovative Nutrition Education program, is a school and community-based nutrition education program that serves the people of Durham, NC through all stages of life.

We provide nutrition education and services throughout the Durham community via the following programs.

The Health Education and Community Transformation Division provides a variety of learning opportunities that encourage voluntary adoption of behaviors and supports policies and changes to the environment that promote health and prevent disease and disability.

Health education services are provided through the following program areas:






 Elementary School
   Middle School Program    Early Childhood Program  
 Serves the elementary school community through interactive nutrition classes, cooking-based nutrition lessons, school wellness programs, and afterschool programming. Contact Barbara Rumer for more information.     Provides interactive cooking-based nutrition education in middle schools, during the school day and afterschool. Contact Kamaria Mason for more information    Works with childcare directors and staff to improve the nutrition and physical activity environments of eligible childcare facilities. Contact Meghan Brown for more information.  






 Community Education Program    Healthy Environment Program    Healthy School Environment Program  
provides interactive nutrition and culinary workshops at various sites including homeless shelters, food pantries, Durham Housing Authority sites, faith-based organizations, and community centers. Contact Cara Jenkins for more information.    Works with corner stores, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and food pantries to help increase access to healthy foods throughout Durham. Contact Nassim Youseffi for more information.    Partners with schools to make the healthy choice the east choice for students and the school community by facilitating policy, system, and environmental changes related to nutrition and physical activity. Contact Raina Bunnag for more information.